Alex Slaymaker

Smart Mobility/EV Adoption Team Coordinator, Smart Columbus

Alex is passionate about co-creating more sustainable Central Ohio communities where people want to live, work, and play.

Growing up in a military family, Alex lived in a variety of places including Southern Texas and New Jersey. Moving exposed her to diverse people and ideas and resulted in the development of strong communication skills. After going to high school on the west side of Cleveland and studying at Ohio University, Alex earned her master’s in Sustainable Solutions from Arizona State University (ASU). While at ASU, she co-developed and taught classes on sustainability and personal development topics. Over the last four years she has worked on a range of projects with public and private sector clients across the United States and in Europe related to urban agriculture, climate resilience, urban planning, product design, and more.

After all her travels, Alex moved back to Ohio in 2016 to offer her skills and experience to the state she came to call home. Prior to joining the Columbus Partnership team, Alex created an outreach program for SWACO focused on helping Franklin County organizations, residents, events, and businesses make strides towards zero waste. As a proud Bobcat, she also mobilized alumni to create a Sustainability Alumni Network for OU, and currently serves as President of the organization. Alex has an entrepreneurial spirit and enjoys building bridges between people and ideas to create positive change.