The Columbus Partnership is a non-profit, membership-based CEO organization of more than 60 CEOs from Columbus’ leading businesses and institutions. The Columbus Partnership’s primary goal is to improve the economic vitality of the Columbus Region. There are several principles that guide the Columbus Partnership:

Thought Leaders

The Partnership actively benchmarks Columbus against peer communities, convenes community leaders from all sectors to discuss the vision of Columbus, and engages in the action required to benefit our community.

Catalysts for Civic Improvement

The Partnership engages in all major projects that need strong civic leadership and intend to enhance the quality of our schools, arts and cultural organizations, or the development of downtown Columbus. The Partnership provides strategic approaches to turn vision into action to achieve the desired results without taking credit for accomplishments.

Develop Future Leadership for the Community

Identifying and empowering young leaders is important to every vital city.

Champion Regional Solutions to Regional Problems

Whether it is economic development, workforce initiatives, or other important priorities facing Columbus, the Partnership supports metropolitan approaches that improve service delivery and cost effectiveness.

Partner with the Public Sector

The Partnership supports and partners with the efforts of elected officials at the state, county and city levels to work together for a common agenda.

Support Collaboration in the Non-Profit Sector

The Partnership supports collaboration between non-profit organizations, particularly where the collaborative efforts bring about cost savings and improved program effectiveness.

Focus on Economic Development

Economic Development, through the work of Columbus 2020 is the main focus of the Partnership, and provides the underpinning for all aspects of the organization.